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*Who are you?
*Why should I buy posters from you?
*Where do your artists come from?
*Why support independent art?
*I am an artist! How can I submit art to you?
*Who does your printing?
*What kind of paper do you print on?
*Do you use an ink-jet printer?
*What if I want a print in a different size than you offer?
*Do you offer any other paper types?
*My poster came and it’s not the size that I wanted?
*What type of Credit Card payment do you accept?
*Can I pay with Paypal?
*Can I pay with a check or money order?
*Can I pay with Vietnamese food?
*Do I have to pay Sales Tax?
*What does Shipping/Handling pay for?
*How do you package your posters?
*How do you ship?
*How long will it take for me to receive my poster?
*Why is there such a large window for shipping?
*Can I receive my domestic order sooner?
*What is your return policy?
*Will you replace damaged posters?
*Who should I contact about making a return?
*Where should I ship my return order?


Who are you?

My name is Ian and my partner’s name is David. We are
both students at UCSB. We own and operate Cliché Posters
LLC, an art licensing business aimed at licensing cool and
unique poster art from independent artists all over the world.
(Check out the
About section for more)

PostersForHumans.com is our retail site, where we sell all
of the cool poster art that we have scouted out and
discovered. The art that we represent comes from
student artists, local Santa Barbara artists, even artists
from as far away as Poland. Regardless of location, our
aim is to discover cool new artwork from interesting new

Are you an artist? Find out how to submit art to us in our
Info For Artists section.

Why should I buy posters from you?


The poster industry standard artist royalty rate is 1-10%.
If net profit per poster is $10, then the artist is only making
$0.10 to $1.00 per poster sold. That is assuming there are
no middle men: licensors, publishers, distributors, anyone
who demands a cut. Often artists find that their own
artwork is only making them a few cents per poster sold.

We have no middle men. We directly represent all of the
posters that we sell and offer our artists a 50% royalty rate
on every sale. That means that if net profit per poster is $10,
then $5 of it goes to the artist. We believe in supporting
independent art, so we pay artists what they deserve.


Monet and Gauguin, they’re great. Bob Marley and Scarface…
terrific. But we have seen them all so many times, on so
many walls (some even our own), that now they’re all
just terribly old and boring!

We represent new artists, with new ideas, and amazing
poster art. We bring you one of a kind artwork that you
can find nowhere else. The cutting edge of art is always
undiscovered. We offer you the opportunity to explore it.


We offer better quality printing and paper options than
leading poster retailers. We guarantee unique and interesting
images on quality print materials. We offer you posters that
you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Where do your artists come from?

We are proud to represent independent artists, both local and as far away as Poland (Houk), U.K. (Andidas), The Philippines (Ronnie), and Georgia (the country not the state) (Anuk).

I am an artist! How can I submit art to you?

Just check out our Info For Artists section


Who does your printing?

The decision as to which printing company to base our poster business on, was not an easy one. Many printers boast great prices, but offer limited print quality and/or expertise. We ordered a lot of sample prints from a lot of printers, but only one stood out for their expertise, professionalism, quality, and price. We are proud to call El-Color Labs our printer of choice.

What kind of paper do you print on?

All of our posters are printed on silver halide photographic Fuji Professional Crystal Archive Super Type PD Lustre Paper, processed in Fuji Professional RA-4 chemistry. Picture normal poster paper, but thicker, and with better color response.

Do you use an ink-jet printer?

Yeah…we print up our posters using the HP printer I found in the dumpster behind Staples. No! No! No! All of our posters are printed using Elco’s Durst Theta 76 HS. The Theta 76 HS images your files down to true silver halide photographic paper via LEDs and fiber optics, which is then processed in RA-4 chemistry, printing 254dpi at 24″ per minute.

What if I want a print in a different size than you offer?

Special sized prints can be created for an additional cost (up to 30×60 inches), as long as the proper aspect ratio for the image is maintained. We can’t turn a 20×20 inch poster into a 20×30.

Do you offer any other paper types?

Yes, via special request, though they cost a bit more. In addition to the Fuji PD Lustre, we offer Fuji CD Glossy (shinier than the Lustre) and Fuji Pearl Metallic (very shiny with unbelievable color response).

My poster came and it’s not the size that I wanted?

It is important to note the size specifications for any poster you order. One of the things that sets us apart from other poster retailers, is that we offer many of our prints in unusual sizes. A 15×30 inch horizontal print looks great as a banner poster hung over a wide wall space. Or, a 10×30 inch vertical print does wonders to utilize long narrow spaces like the back of doors, thin wall spaces, etc. Just don’t order a 10×30 and expect it to look like a normal 20×30 inch poster, or you will be sadly disappointed (see our return policy below).


What types of Credit Card payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Can I pay with Paypal?


Can I pay with a check or money order?


Can I pay with Vietnamese food?

Great question. While a policy of accepting Vietnamese food as currency would certainly set us apart from other poster retailers, it is just too difficult for us to ship half an eggroll as payment to our artists around the world.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

Only if you are fortunate enough to live in California.

What does Shipping/Handling pay for?

Shipping covers only the cost of postage. Handling covers the cost of all of the other things that go into shipping your poster: cost of the tube, butcher paper, cutting, packaging, etc.


How do you package your posters?

With the utmost care. Our posters are always stored flat. When ready to ship, each poster is packaged in a 24×3x3 inch tube and rolled inside U-line’s premium white butcher paper, to ensure that the print edges are not bent or damaged in shipping.

How do you ship?

For domestic orders we ship USPS Priority Mail exclusively. It is just as cheap as Parcel Post (standard shipping) and gets there much sooner (2 days vs. 8 days for Parcel Post). For international orders, we offer the following services (estimates provided by USPS, though true shipping rates and delivery times vary dramatically by location):

-Priority Mail International
Starts at $16
6-10 business days

-Express Mail International
Starts at $22
3-5 business days

-Global Express Guaranteed
Starts at $28
1-3 business days

How long will it take for me to receive my poster?

Domestic orders should arrive 3-14 days from your date of purchase. Please allow additional time for international shipping.

Why is there such a large window for shipping?

The relationship that we have with our printer is based upon a Print-On-Demand structure, so while we retain a minimal inventory of posters, they often go quickly, so most poster orders go like this:

-You place an order for a poster

-We process the order and relay the relevant image files to our printer

-They print up the order and ship it to us over the course of about 6-8 days

-We cut, repackage, and ship the order to you, which depending upon where you live may take between 3-7 days

-Everybody does a little dance.

Can I receive my domestic order sooner?

Yes. We have the capability to ship Express Mail via special request, though we don’t recommend it. While Express Mail will allow us to overnight your order to you, you are in most cases still going to have to wait a week for us to get your order from the printer. In instances where customers insist on Express Mail, we will do our best to expedite processing time by servicing their order directly from our warehouse inventory. We cannot guarantee that we will have a print in stock though, so make sure that you contact us before you make the decision to ship Express Mail. It’s no fun to shell out $20 for a package that arrives only one day sooner than if you had just paid the standard $4.50.


What is your return policy

If you are dissatisfied with your order in any way, we offer a full refund, provided you send the order back within 30 days of receiving it. Mail us back your poster(s), with a receipt or invoice, and a note about why you are returning it and we will issue you a full refund (including the cost of shipping the order back to us) within 1 week of receiving your order.

Will you replace damaged posters?

Of course. Mistakes happen in shipping and if your poster comes to you damaged in any way, we will be more than willing to replace it, or offer you a full refund.

Who should I contact about returns?

Feel free to contact me at Ian@clicheposters.com or David at David@clicheposters.com

Where should I send my return order?

Mail all returns to:

Cliché Posters LLC
217 Las Ondas
Santa Barbara, Ca.

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  1. Nick Says:


    I have some works that I would like to publish on your website.
    How do I go about doing that?
    can everyone post their works or do you guys only work with specific artists?



    PostersforHumans.com Response: We work with specific artists but feel free to submit some samples to us, check out clicheposters.com for more information on how to submit art.

  2. Contingency Says:

    Does PFH opt to use the tracking option for USPS Priority? Would be cool if you did, as a “delivered” notification is often necessary to force my mail clerk to look through tenants’ packages.

    PostersforHumans.com response: not yet, but we’ll work on that.

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